An educational and
entertaining learning
tool for critical thinking.

Prepare your children for future success from an early age

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Cultivate critical thinking,
STEAM knowledge, and noncognitive skills at home

  • Designed by K-12 education experts and co-developed with children
  • Best companion for study breaks and daily brain training
  • Unique adaptive design ensures personalized learning for every child

3 Unique Features

Learn critical thinking in
a fun and effective way

Over 20,000 games of 120 different problem types have been created by our education experts to cultivate critical thinking skills effectively through the use of our app.

Make critical thinking
a healthy habit

The default time limit allows users to play three mini-quizzes a day or nine minutes total for our paid plans!

Self-directed learning,
learn at your own pace

Think!Think! personalizes the difficulty level of questions based on kids’ performance.

Proven effectiveness

A joint research experimental trial was conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) and Keio University. The findings found that children who used Think!Think! during the three month trial period improved significantly on their math and IQ test scores compared with the control group which did not use Think!Think!

Academic Performance


(Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study)



IQ test (Tanaka B) in Cambodia

Noncognitive Skills

Positive impact on


Think!Think! Proof Of Concept - Cambodia Trial

Target audience: 1636 students (elementary first through fourth graders). Trial period: three months (followed by an eight month extension survey to compare the Think!Think! experiment and control groups)

Professor of the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University

Professor of the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University External evaluation carried out by Professor Makiko Nakamuro (author of “The Economics of Academic Ability”)


3 Courses To Choose From

*After downloading the free app, you can select a course from within the app.

Course Menu

Standard CoursePremium Course
Number of problem types98 Types123 Types
Number of plays3 plays (per day) or,
21 plays (per week)
3 plays (per day) or,
21 plays (per week)
Playable planetsThinktopia
Castle Kingdom
Castle Kingdom
Number of usersUp to 3 usersUp to 6 users
Price (USD)$3.99 (per month)$9.99 (per month)

* The actual price varies by country/region, etc. Please check the price in the app store.
* The planet (Babylon) will become available once 150 stars have been collected from Thinktopia or Premia.
* A secret planet will become available once all the puzzles in Think!Think! have been discovered.

What are planets in
Think!Think! Home Edition?

Planets are different worlds children can play within the Think!Think! content universe. Different planets have their own features and focus. Below is a list of all planets that are in Think!Think! Home Edition.


Home Planet



Destiny Planet



Stadium Planet



Achievement Planet



Challenge Planet


Parents and Children Love Us!


What differences are there between Think!Think! compared with the general digital learning materials?

Think!Think! differs from many other apps because it helps users acquire skills and knowledge in subjects such as calculation. Think!Think! is an educational material with a core design that fosters a sesnse of thinking and a motivation to learn.

A sense of thinking is a very important ability for effective learning. For example, a child with good sense of thinking will realize that, when learning multiplication and division, they are in fact, dealing with the same thing but from a different angle. From this, the child will be able to grow rapidly independently. Furthermore, as we live in a generation where anything can be learned online, there is a large difference in academic performance depending on one's level of motivation. Think!Think! fosters a sense of thinking along with a motivation to learn by tackling high-quality puzzles and three-dimensional and graphic problems, all whilst having fun.

Can a digital content be more effective for learning than paper-based content?

Yes! When using Think!Think!, users can take full advantage of digital technology that exceeds the limits of paper-based content. This allows a wide range of people to have access to learn right at their fingertips.

Users can quickly develop a sense of thinking that helps them assemble 3D shapes in their heads or imagine all sides of a cube when it is flat. Think!Think! helps users gain a sense of thinking and visualization through various games where you can rotate objects, cut shapes into smaller pieces, etc., only things that can be done using technology. In addition, Think!Think! Is able to tailor the level of problems to each user and give real-time feedback. This far exceeds the limits of paper-based content and users are able to learn more effectively.

Of course paper-based content has its own benefits, and at Wonderfy, that is why we created WonderBox. WonderBox is a monthly STEAM-based subscription box that combines digital and paper-based content. This is only available in Japan at the moment.

Do you have any tips on how to use Think!Think! in the most effective way?

We recommend encouraging your child in a positive manner.

To develop critical thinking skills, your child needs to be able to say, "I want to try it!" and "I can do it!" It is of utmost importance for your child to concentrate on the problem with the feeling of "I want to do it!" Forcing children to do things they don't want to do or with little interest in is not beneficial to their learning process and, therefore will not bring out their full potential. Focusing on your child's efforts and praising them by saying, "That's amazing!" and "You did a great job!" will increase your child's motivation and they will continue to improve. It doesn't have to be everyday. Even if your child only says "That was fun!" or "So annoying!" you should continue to encourage them in a positive manner.

I'm not good with critical thinking or STEAM subjects, so I have little confidence in my ability to teach them to children.

The strength of our app is that children can work on problems completely by themselves. There are no requirements for parents or guardians to explain anything.

Think!Think! is designed so that rules can be understood intuitively, and the problems are tailored to each child's individual level. Should your child have a hard time with a particular question, you can guide them toward the hint button on the screen.
Each time your children solve a puzzle, they can see a visualization of the problem on the screen. For example, a problem could show how a 3D object is cut to make a cross-section or how a net is assembled. Even if, at first, the concept is difficult to understand, they will gradually be able to visualize abstract ideas and concepts in their head by themself.
If you're a parent or guardian, please encourage your children's efforts by saying, "That's great!" and " Keep trying!"

Is Think!Think! free?

Yes, Think!Think! has a free cours (in addition to paid options).

You can use the free course for one play (three minutes) per day. You will not be automatically converted to a paid course unless you subscribe to a paid course.

Can it be used on separate tablets or smartphones?

Users that have registered their accounts can enjoy any course on multiple devices with a single account.

NB: The same account can also be used for devices with different operating systems.
NB: For users on paid courses that wish to change your course or cancel your subscription, please be sure to use a device with the same operating system that you used to purchase the plan.
NB: You can register your account from the “My Account” section of the Grown-ups menu.