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It doesn't feel like studying, I think the approach is great!

Premium Course
Lives in Kyoto S (8th grade), M (5th grade), Y (1st grade)

Q.How did you come across Think!Think!?

I read a lot of news online that "Brain training/Critical thinking training is amazing!" and started to gain interest in the app. I first started with the Free Course when there was a campaign that allows me to play 3 times per day. I thought I would give it a try.

Q.Why did you decide to switch to Premium Plan?

Free course was only limited to 1 user. I wanted to let all of my kids to use it, and switched to standard course. But as I see them playing with it, I thought "I kind of want to play with it too", and decided to switch to premium course. I was really interested in the problems where you can only challenge in premium courses and thought "Let me try it!", "Why not since I've been playing it for sometime!"

Q.How do you use it?

We usually have an at your-own-pace approach. My eldest daughter would start using Think!Think!, then the other kids in the family would then start using it, too.
When I want to reduce the time kids spend on YouTube or other things, I would use Think!Think! as a tool. When the kids say "I want to watch YouTube videos!", "I want to play games!", I would say to them "Do you want to play a little bit of Think!Think!?".
Also, during weekends or holidays when kids are trying to sleep in, I would tell them "If you wake up you can play Think!Think!", then the kids would immediately wake up.

Q.How are the siblings using Think!Think!?

We're sharing 1 iPad, therefore sometimes they take turns.
They would say to each other, "I'm on stage 2~", "No~No~ It's not your turn yet", and watch each other play when it's not their turn. When they clear new levels and gain stars to receive rockets, they would pay attention to each other and ask "How many rockets did you get?" Now the kids have collected so many stars, my eldest boy has collected 500, my younger daugher has collected 7~800, and my eldest daughter has collected over 1000!. Now they have all kinds of rockets, and started to use the stars to change the interior of their rockets. I'm very excited for what they are up to.


Q.Have you noticed any chances after they started using Think!Think!?

My oldest daughter fell in love with math and is very good at it. Although during her classes she received some difficult puzzle problems, she was able to score very high. She also became better at solving geomeotry problems. My oldest boy also has no problem with algebra. He hated applications where he has to learn algebra through memorizing, so Think!Think!'s approach is great for my oldest boy as it doesn't feel like studying at all.


Q.How much do you involve when kids are using Think!Think!?

I usually play Think!Think! together with my kids. My oldest daughter has been clearing a lot of new levels, it's getting difficult, even for me now, so it's fun to challenge the problems together. Sometimes would say to each other "I cleared this level first!" and it's fun to compete against each other. It is also really fun to see the top page changes depending on different seasons. It's always exciting to see new changes every month. Kids also notice the changes and they always say "Look! The top page background has changed!" and share what has changed with me.


From Think!Think!

We're so happy to hear that you noticed the seasonal designs. Also, thank you for sharing about the rockets, it's a very helpful piece of feedback. Rockets are representations of kids' daily accumulation of their efforts and progress, giving them a concrete sense of feeling and reward. We're more than excited to hear updates from you and your children!