Terms of Service

This Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Service”) apply to “Think!Think!” (hereinafter referred to as “Application”), an application for tablets and smartphones provided by Wonderfy Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and is set forth between You (as defined in Article 1) and Company.

1. Definitions

The following terms are used in this Terms of Service:

  • “Service” means this Application and the totality of text, sound, music, images, video, software, programs, code, and other information provided by Company through this Application.
  • “Agreement” means an agreement between Company and You with respect to the use of this Service based on this Terms of Service or any other written documents.
  • “Content” means a learning material provided by Company through this Application.
  • “Individual Content” means to an individual question prepared for Users.
  • “You” means a person who agrees to this Terms of Service and who is either a User or a parent or legal guardian of a child who is a User.
  • “User(s)” means the actual users of the Content (including children).
  • “Store” means the Google play store, App Store or any other service used by Company to Users to install the Application or to charge for the use of the Content.
  • “Subscription Plan” means the package of the Contents provided by Company to Users through the Application, such as “Free Plan”, “Standard Plan” and “Premium Plan”.

2. Acceptance of Terms of Service

  • Before using the Service, please be sure to agree to this Terms of Service. By accessing or using any part of the Service, You represent that You have read, understood, and agree to be bound by this Terms of Service (including any modification) and any other terms and guidelines (hereinafter referred to as collectively "Terms of Use").
  • You shall perform various procedures such as change of Subscription Plan (including, but not limited to, changing Subscription Plan from “Free Plan” to “Standard Plan” and/or “Premium Plan”, changing Subscription Plan from “Standard Plan” and/or “Premium Plan” to “Free Plan”) or change of registered User’s information. You shall be responsible for supervising the User so that the User uses the Service in accordance with the rules of Application set forth by Company, including usage methods and precautions.
  • Before allowing User to use the Service, You shall obtain a consent of a person authorized to act (including acceptance of this Terms of Service) on behalf of User, such as the User's legal representative. Your acceptance to this Terms of Service shall be deemed to constitute the User's obtaining the appropriate consent from a person authorized to act on behalf of User.
  • Users, in general, shall be individuals. If a corporation, association, circle, or other organization, or an individual who is engaged in educational or IT business (hereinafter referred to as "Corporation") wishes to use the Service, such Corporation shall notify Company and obtain Company’s consent before using the Service.
  • In the event of any discrepancy between the provisions of this Terms of Service and the provisions of each of the Terms of Use, the provisions of this Terms of Service shall take precedence over the provisions of each of the Terms of Use, unless each of the Terms of Use clearly stipulate that the relevant Terms of Use take precedence over this Terms of Service.

3. Grant of Right

Subject to the compliance with this Terms of Service, Company shall grant to You and Users a non-transferable, non-sublicensable and non-exclusive right to use the Service and the Content.

4. Use and provision of Content

  • Installation
    You shall install the Application via Store.
  • Account registration
    In order to use the Contents, You shall create an account in accordance with the procedures specified by Company. You shall be responsible for the management and use of Your accounts and shall not lend or transfer Your accounts to third parties. In the event that You suffer damages due to errors in the use of Your account, inadequate management or unauthorized use by a third party, Company shall not be liable for any such damages.
  • Initiation of using the Content
    The Content shall be available after agreeing to this Terms of Service and creating an account.
  • Number of Users
    The maximum number of Users per account varies depending on the Subscription Plan selected by You: “Premium Plan” allows a maximum of 6 Users per account, “Standard Plan” and “Special Free Plan” allows a maximum of 3 Users per account, and “Free Plan” allows a maximum of 2 Users per account.
  • Content
    The Content will be provided in multiple categories according to the content and format of the questions. In providing the Content, Company may restrict or specify the following items from the viewpoint of fostering Users' thinking ability and educational effects, and in accordance with the purpose of each course.
    • Response time to individual Content
    • Number of times the Content can be used per day
    • The genre of the questions
    • Adjustment of the Contents of the questions according to the usage history of each User
    • Others
  • Others
    • Company may change all or part of the Service and the Contents (including rules, design, audiovisual expressions, and any other matters) at any time without prior notice to You. If Company deems that such change will have a significant impact on You and Users, such as when the change involves important contents of the Service or when Company discontinues the Service, Company will notify You and Users in advance by the method specified in Article 14 of this Terms of Service.
    • Company may provide the Service only to those who meet the conditions such as age, identification, and registration information.

5. Payment

  • The fees for use of the Contents of this Application shall be displayed in the Application, listed by Subscription Plan.
  • You shall pay the fee for use of the Contents of this Application in accordance with the regulation stipulated by Store, if You use a paid Subscription Plan.
  • Even if You uninstall or delete Your entire accounts of this Application, the payment for the fee for use of the Contents of this Application (monthly payment) will not be terminated. If You desire to terminate the payment of fee for use of the Contents of this Application (monthly payment), You shall follow the procedures stipulated by Store.
  • Even if You stop using the Contents by uninstalling the Application before one month has passed after payment for fee for use of the Contents of this Application, Company will not refund to You the amount fee paid for the Contents of this Application.
  • You shall bear the cost of the communications terminal and equipment necessary to install the Application and use the Service, as well as any communications charges incurred in using the Service, and any transfer fees for the payment for the use of the Contents.
  • If any dispute arises between You and Store regarding payment of fee for use of the Contents of this Application for any reason unrelated to Company, the dispute shall be resolved between You and Store, and Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred.
  • Company may change the fee for use of the Contents of this Application or payment method as stipulated in this Article 5. In such case, Company will notify You in advance in accordance with Article 14. Company shall not compensate any difference of fee in such case.

6. Term and Cancellation Procedure

  • Term
    This Terms of Service shall remain in effect until Service or this Terms of Service is terminated (including termination in accordance with Article 8.3.) The usable term of this Contents shall be in accordance with the provisions of Store.
  • Cancellation procedure for paid Subscription Pla
    You may cancel Your paid Subscription Plan through the procedures stipulated in the Store. After cancellation of paid Subscription Plan, Your Subscription Plan will be automatically transferred to the Free Plan.
  • Refund of fee
    The fee for use of the Contents of this Application shall not be refunded under any circumstances, except in cases where refunds are required by law. In the event that a refund is required by law, Company shall publicly announce the refund method on its website or by other means and shall follow the procedures for refund in accordance with the provisions of the law.

7. Terms of Use/Disclaimer

  • Company may post advertisements of Company or third parties in this Service.
  • You shall not use the Service or cause each User to use the Service in compliance with the usage of the Service at its own responsibility. In the event that a dispute arises between Users or between Users and a third party in using the Service, You shall handle and resolve the dispute at its own responsibility and expense, and Company shall not be involved in or be liable for any such dispute.
  • In the event that Company suffers any direct or indirect damages (including attorney’s fees) as a result of the use of the Service by You or Users (including cases in which Company receives a claim from a third party as a result of such use), You shall immediately indemnify Company for such damage in accordance with Company's demand.
  • Company will not warrant, either expressly or impliedly, that the Service (including the Contents) will be reliable, accurate, complete, valid, fit for a particular purpose, free from any defects in security, or free from errors or bugs.
  • Company shall be liable only for damages incurred by You or Users due to reasons attributable to Company. In no event shall Company be liable for special damages (including cases in which Company, You, or Users foresaw or could have foreseen the occurrence of the damage) among damages incurred by You or the Users.
  • In the event that Company shall be liable for damages incurred by You or Users pursuant to Article 7.5, the maximum amount of compensation for damages shall be the amount of the fee for the Contents of the Application received by Company from You in a month in which the relevant damages occurred. However, the first sentence of this Article 7.6 shall not apply if the damage was caused by Company's willful misconduct or gross negligence.

8. Prohibition

  • Users shall not exchange the Contents for cash or any other consideration under any circumstances.
  • The following shall be prohibited in connection with the Service:
    • Any act that constitutes a violation of this Terms of Service or the respective Terms of Use.
    • Use of the Service (including the Contents) for purposes beyond its own use.
    • Any act that infringes the rights of Company or any third parties with respect to the Service (including analysis, reverse engineering, or decompilation of the Application).
    • Any act that is deemed to be directly or indirectly profit-making, commercial, or other similar act (including resale of gifts or coupons at the time of a campaign) using part or all of the Service.
    • Any act of unauthorized access such as intentional use of malfunctions of the Service, acts of repeating similar inquiries unnecessary, and other acts that interfere or may interfere with the operation of the Service or the use of the Service by a third party.
    • Any act of using the Service by a person who provides the same or similar services as the Service (including acts of allowing such a person to use the Service).
    • Any Act that assists or encourages violations of this Terms of Use (including prohibited act described in this Article 8).
    • Any Act that violates or may violate laws and regulations.
    • Any other acts that Company deems inappropriate.
  • In the event that You violate any of the prohibitions set forth in Article 8.2, Company may suspend, terminate, or cancel the Service or take any other action the Company deems necessary. In such cases, the Company shall not refund part or all of the fee for use of the Contents of the Application.
  • Any monetary benefit (not deducting expenses or costs) obtained directly or indirectly by You and any economic profit gained by a third party (including the User) as a result of an act in violation of this Article 8 or any profit lost by the Company shall be deemed to be Company’s damages. You shall indemnify Company for such damages (including reasonable attorney's fees).

9. Interruption of Service

  • Company reserves the right to interrupt all or part of the provision of the Service in the following cases:
    • When Company performs maintenance on the Service facilities
    • When Company is unable to provide the Service due to force majeure such as natural disasters, power outages, war.
    • In any other cases where Company deems temporary suspension of the Service necessary for its operation.
  • In the event Company suspends the operation of all or part of the Service pursuant to Article 9.1, Company shall notify You to that effect in advance. However, this shall not apply in the event of an emergency or other unavoidable circumstances.
  • In the event that Company suspends, ceases, or discontinues the Service to You, Company will not refund part or all of the payment of fee for the use of the Content of Application due to such suspension, cessation, or discontinuation.

10. Relationship with Partnership Companies

  • This Service may include service or content provided by companies other than this Company. Responsibility for such services and contents shall be borne by the provider of such services and contents. Use of such services and content described in Article 10.1 may be subject to the terms and conditions of use and other conditions set forth by the providers of such services and content. You shall use such services and content at their own risk.
  • If You use this Service on the OS provided by Apple Inc.(hereinafter referred to as “Apple”)or other smart devices, the following stipulations shall be applied:
    • Apple shall not be liable for any claims by You or third parties regarding the Service, such as product liability, intellectual property infringement, and claims under consumer protection laws.
    • In accordance with the terms of services for App Store, Apple shall grant the non-exclusive and non-transferable right of usage only to users who download and use this application with personal and non-profit purposes.
    • Apple shall not provide users with maintenance and support for this Service.
    • Even if damages arise due to this Service, Apple shall refund the fee only and not be obliged to any compensation in legally allowable coverage.
    • Even if You receive claims or requests in accordance with any violations of laws and regulations in terms of this Service or the usage of this Service by You, claims or requests to Apple shall not be filed. In this case, Company shall be notified of such matter.
    • Company shall announce and guarantee that You do not reside in proscribed counties of the US government or designates countries as state sponsors of terrorism by the US government, and You are not listed in any prohibition or control lists made by the US government.
    • You shall conform to contracts with the third party (such as a contract with telecommunication carriers) in terms of the usage of this Service.
    • You shall accept that Apple and its subsidiary companies are beneficiaries of this agreement as the third party, and acceptance of articles in this agreement by users causes that Apple shall be allowed to own the right to force users to this agreement as the third party beneficiary (or shall be deemed to accept the right).

11. Protection of Personal Information

Company shall treat Your privacy information appropriately in accordance with Company’s “Privacy Policy”.

12. Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

Company prohibits the use of the Service by antisocial forces. If Company determines that You fall under the category of antisocial forces, Company may suspend the provision of the Service without prior notice to You. Company shall not be liable for any damage or disadvantage incurred by You or Users as a result of such suspension or disadvantage incurred by You or Users as a result of such suspension.

13. Modification of this Terms of Service

  • In accordance with the provisions of Article 548-4 of Japanese Civil Code, Company may modify this Terms of Service at any time if any of the following items applies. The Agreement (including Additional Agreements) after this Terms of Service have been modified shall be governed by the revised Terms of Service.
    • When the modification of this Terms of Service in the general interest of You.
    • The revision of this Terms of Service is not contrary to the purpose for which the agreement was made, and the necessity of the modification, reasonableness of the content after the revision.
  • In the event of revision of this Terms of Service, Company shall specify the effective date of the revised Terms of Service and notify You of the effective date at least two weeks prior to the effective date in the manner specified in Article 14.
  • Notwithstanding Articles 13.1 and 13.2, in the event that You use the Service after the notification of changes to this Terms of Service in Article 13.2, or in the event that You do not follow the procedures for cancellation within the period specified by Company, You shall be deemed to have agree to the changes in the Terms of Service.

14. Notice

  • Company shall give notice to You by any of the following means, which shall be deemed to reach You after a reasonable period of time.
    • By posting a notice on the Service's website.
    • By posting a notice on the Application.
  • In addition to Article 14.1, Company's means of notification to individual Users shall be by e-mail or on the website. Even if You suffer a disadvantage due to not confirming these notifications, Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred.

15. Validity of these Terms and Conditions

If any part of this Terms of Service is held invalid, the validity of this Terms of Service as a whole shall not be affected.

16. Contact

Communications with You from Company shall be made by posting through the Service, postings in appropriate places on the website operated by Company, or other methods deemed appropriate by the Company.
Inquiries from You regarding the Service should be directed to the following address. Inquiries should be made by sending an inquiry form or by any other method designated by Company.

【Corporate name】 Wonderfy Inc.
【Headquarter address】Ichigo Otemachi North Bldg11F, 1-15-7 UchiKanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
【Contact information】 (Mail)

17. Dispute

This Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.

18. Effective Date/Revised Date

Effective as of March 12th, 2016
Revised as of March 3rd, 2017
Revised as of August 6th, 2018
Revised as of February 12th, 2020
Revised as of July 21st, 2022
Revised as of December 28th, 2022
Reveised as of August 7, 2023


本服务条款(以下简称 "本服务条款")适用于 "Think!Think!" (以下简称 "本应用程序"),是有关Wonderfy Inc.(以下简称 "本公司")为平板电脑和智能手机提供的本应用程序的使用条件,在您(定义见第1条)和本公司之间进行的阐述。

1. 定义


  • "本服务"是指本应用程序和本公司通过本应用程序提供的全部文字,声音,音乐,图像,视频,软件,程序,代码和其他信息。
  • "本议"是指本公司与您之间基于本服务条款或任何其他书面文件就本服务的使用所达成的协议。
  • "本内容"是指本公司通过本应用程序提供的学习材料。
  • "个人内容"是指专为该用户准备的个别题目。
  • "您"是指同意本服务条款的人,并且是用户或作为用户的孩子的父母或法定监护人。
  • "用户"是指内容的实际使用者(包括儿童)。
  • "商店"是指Google play商店,App Store等,本公司对您安装本应用程序进行许诺或对使用内容进行收费的相关服务。
  • "套餐"是指本公司通过本应用程序向您提供的内容包,如 "免费套餐","基础套餐 "和 "高级套餐"。

2. 对本服务条款的同意

  • 使用本服务时,请务必先同意本服务条款。当您使用本服务的全部或一部分内容时,均视为您已经同意并接受本服务条款以及本公司制定的其他规则和指南(以下统称 "各项使用条款")的约束。
  • 您如果订阅本服务的收费套餐,或将套餐从 "基础套餐 "改为 "免费套餐",或改变注册用户的信息等,这些手续均由您办理。另外,您应负责监督用户,使用户按照本公司规定的规则使用服务,包括使用方法和注意事项。
  • 在允许用户使用本服务之前,您应获用户的法定代理人或者有代理权限的人的同意(包括接受本服务条款)。您对本服务条款的接受也被视为您从用户代理人那里获得了适当的同意。
  • 用户,一般来说,应是个人。如果公司,协会,圈子或其他组织,或从事教育或IT业务的个人(以下简称 "法人")希望使用本服务,这些组织应在使用本服务前通知本公司,并获得本公司的同意。
  • 如果本服务条款的规定与各使用条款的规定不一致,本服务条款的规定应优先于各使用条款的规定,除非各使用条款明确规定相关使用条款优先于本服务条款。

3. 权利的授予


4. 内容的使用和提供

  • 安装
  • 账户注册
    以及使用本以及内容时,您需以及根据本公司规定的程序创建一个账户。您应负责管理和使用该以及账户,不得将您的账户借给或转让给第三方。如果以及由于以及您错误地使用以及该账户以及, 对账户管理不善或因未经授权的第三方的使用而遭受损失,本公司不对任何此类损失负责。
  • 开始使用本内容
  • 使用人数
    您在完成本程序的用户登录后,会生成一个账户。该账户设有最大用户数,这些用户都可以使用本内容或让其使用本内容。每个账户的最大用户数根据您选择的套餐而不同。"高级套餐"允许每个账户最多有6个用户,"基础套餐"以及"免费套餐(特别版)"允许每个账户最多有3个用户,而 "免费套餐"允许每个账户最多有2个用户。
  • 本内容以及提供的方法
    • 对个别内容的反应时间
    • 每天可以使用该内容的次数
    • 问题的体裁
    • 根据每个用户的使用记录调整问题的内容
  • 其他
    • 根据需要,本公司可以在任何时候更改本服务和内容的全部或部分(包括规则,设计,视听表达和任何其他事项),而无需事先通知您。如果本公司认为该变更将对您和用户产生重大影响,如变更涉及服务的重要内容或本公司停止服务时,本公司将通过本服务条款第14条规定的方式提前通知您和用户。
    • 本公司只向年龄,本人身份和注册信息相符,以及符合本公司认为有必要确认的其他条件的人提供服务。

5. 费用和付款方式

  • 本内容的费用会按不同套餐,在本程序中显示。
  • 如果您使用付费套餐,您应按照商店规定的条例支付本内容的使用费。
  • 即使您卸载或删除了本应用程序的全部账户,本内容的使用费(月费)也不会被终止。如果您希望终止支付本内容的使用费(月费),您必须遵循商店规定的程序另外办理。
  • 在您支付本内容的使用费后未满一个月时,通过卸载本应用程序停止使用该内容,本公司也不予退还已支付的费用。
  • 您应承担安装本应用程序和使用服务所需的通信终端和设备的费用,以及在使用服务时产生的任何通信费用,并支付本内容的月费和相应手续费。
  • 如果您和商店之间因任何与本公司无关的原因就本内容的使用费的支付产生任何争议,该争议应在您和商店之间解决,本公司对所产生的任何损失或损害不承担责任。
  • 本公司可以更改本条规定的本内容的使用费用或支付方式。如果出现更改,本公司将根据第14条提前通知您。但本公司不赔偿由此产生的差价。

6. 期限和取消收费套餐

  • 期限
  • 付费套餐的取消程序
  • 费用的退还

7. 使用条款/免责声明

  • 本公司可以在本服务中发布本公司或第三方的广告。
  • 您应本着责任自负的原则,合理使用本服务或使每个用户按规定使用本服务如果用户之间或用户与第三方之间在使用本服务时发生争议,您应自行处理和解决争议,并承担费用,本公司不参与或不承担任何责任。
  • 如果本公司因您或用户使用本服务而遭受任何直接或间接损失(包括公司收到第三方索赔的情况),您应立即按照本公司的要求赔偿本公司的损失(包括律师费)。
  • 本公司不会以明示或暗示的方式保证服务(包括内容)是可靠的,准确的,完整的,有效的,适合某一特定用途的,没有任何安全缺陷的,或没有错误的。
  • 本公司只对您或用户由于可归咎于本公司的原因而产生的损失负责。对于您或用户之间因特殊原因产生的损害(包括本公司、您或用户对损害发生已经预见或能够预见的情况)概不负责。
  • 如果本公司根据第7.5条的规定对您或用户的损失负有责任,损害赔偿的最高金额为本公司在发生相关损害的一个月内从您那里收到的本内容的费用。但是,如果损害是由于本公司的故意不当行为或重大过失造成的,则不在此限。

8. 禁止行为

  • 在任何情况下,用户不得以现金或任何其他代价品交换该内容。
  • 与本服务有关的下列行为一律禁止。
    • 任何构成违反本服务条款或各使用条款的行为。
    • 将本服务(包括内容)用于超出自身使用的目的。
    • 侵犯公司或任何第三方对服务的权利的任何行为 (包括分析、反向工程或反编译本应用程序)。
    • 使用本服务部分或全部,进行直接或间接的盈利行为,商业行为或其他类似的行为(包括在活动时转售礼品或优惠券)。
    • 任何未经授权的访问行为,如故意使用本服务的故障,不必要地重复类似的查询,以及其他干扰或可能干扰本服务的运作或使用的行为。
    • 将本内容提供给从事与本服务相同或相似服务行业的人使用(包括允许该人使用本服务的行为)。
    • 任何协助或鼓励违反本使用条款的行为(包括本条所述的禁止行为)。
    • 任何违反或可能违反法律和法规的行为。
    • 任何其他本公司认为不正当的行为。
  • 如果您违反了第8.2条规定的任何禁令,本公司可以暂停,终止或取消服务或采取本公司认为必要的任何其他行动。在这种情况下,本公司将不退还部分或全部使用本内容的费用。
  • 因本条约第8条违反行为而直接或间接获得的任何金钱利益(不作为经费或者费用扣除的部分。以下本条相同),以及第三方(包括用户)获得的任何经济利益,或本公司损失的任何利润,均应视为公司的损失。您应向本公司赔偿这部分损失(包括合理的律师费)。

9. 服务中断

  • 本公司保留在以下情况下中断全部或部分服务的权利。
    1. 本公司对服务设施进行维护时。
    2. 本公司因不可抗力而无法提供服务时,如自然灾害,停电,战争。
    3. 其他本公司认为运营上有必要暂时停止服务的情况。
  • 如果本公司根据第9.1条暂停全部或部分服务,本公司会提前通知您。但是,紧急情况或其他不可避免需要采取紧急行动时除外。
  • 如果本公司暂停,停止或中止对您的服务,本公司不负责退还部分或全部支付的费用。

10. 与合伙商家的关系

  • 本服务可能包括由本公司以外的运营商提供的服务或内容。这些服务和内容的责任由提供这些服务和内容的商家承担。使用第10.1条所述的这些服务和内容时,可能会受到提供这些服务和内容的商家规定的使用条款和其他条件的约束。您应自行承担使用此类服务和内容的风险。
  • 如果您在Apple, Inc.(以下简称 "Apple")提供的操作系统上使用本服务,或在其他智能设备上使用本服务,则以下规定适用于您
    • 对于您或第三方就本服务提出的任何索赔,如产品责任,知识产权侵权以及根据消费者保护法提出的索赔,Apple不承担任何责任。
    • 根据Apple商店的服务条款,Apple仅向下载和使用该应用程序的用户授予非独家和不可转让的使用权。
    • Apple不向用户提供本服务的维护和支持。
    • 即使因本服务而造成损失,Apple也只退还费用,而不承担法律上的任何赔偿义务。
    • 即使您收到有关本服务或您使用本服务方面的任何违反法律和法规的索赔或要求,也不应向Apple提出索赔或要求。在这种情况下,应将该事项通知本公司。
    • 您应表明并保证,您没有居住在美国政府禁止贸易的国家或被美国政府指定为支持恐怖主义的国家,也没有被列在任何美国政府禁止或限制的名单之内。
    • 您在与第三方签订有关本服务的协议时(如与电信运营商的合同)也应遵守以上规定。
    • 你应接受Apple及其子公司作为第三方充当本协议的受益人,您在接受本协议的条款的同时,也接受了Apple作为第三方,拥有强制您执行本协议的权利(或应被视为接受该权利)。

11. 个人信息的保护

本公司应根据 "Wonderfy隐私政策 ",妥善处理您及用户的个人信息。

12. 排除反社会力量


13. 本服务条款的修改

  • 根据《日本民法典》第548-4条的规定,出现以下任何一种情况,本公司可以随时修改本服务条款。本服务条款修改后(包括附加协议),应以修改后的服务条款为准。
    • 当本服务条款的修改符合您的普遍利益时。
    • 本服务条款的修改不违背协议的目的,并且修改有必要性,修改后内容具备合理性。
  • 本服务条款如有修改,本公司应根据变更后的本服务条款有效期之规定,在生效日期前至少两周以第14条规定的方式通知您。
  • 基于有第13.1条和第13.2条的规定,如果您在第13.2条规定的本服务条款变更通知后仍使用本服务,或者您没有在本公司规定的期限内取消程序,都被视为您已同意本服务条款的变更。

14. 通知

  • 本公司通过以方式向您发出通知,该通知应被视为在一段合理时间后送达您。
    • 通过在本服务的网站上张贴通知。
    • 通过在本应用程序上发布通知。
  • 除第14.1条外,本公司对个人用户的通知方式是通过电子邮件或网站。即使您由于没有确认这些通知而处于不利地位,本公司也不对任何损失负责。

15. 本条款的有效性


16. 联系方式

【公司名称】 Wonderfy Inc.
【总部地址】日本东京都千代田区内神田 1-15-7 号一护大手町北楼 11

17. 争议


18. 施行日期、修改日期

2016年3月12日 施行
2017年3月3日 修改
2018年8月6日 修改
2020年2月12日 修改
2022年7月21日 修改
2022年12月28日 修改
2023年8月7日 修改