Privacy Policy

Wonderfy Inc. (“Company”) treats information including personal information received from all users (the “User”) of the service developed and managed by the Company (the “Company’s Service”) in accordance with this Wonderfy Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”).

1. Personal Information

In this Privacy Policy, "Personal Information" means information that is personal information under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003, hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Act") and refers to information about living individuals that can identify specific individuals by name, date of birth, or other description, or that contains a personal identification code.
In this Privacy Policy, "Personal Data" means personal information that constitutes personal information databases as defined in the Personal Information Protection Law.

2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Company may acquire and use Personal Information within the scope of the following purposes. If Company intends to use Personal Information beyond the scope of the following purposes, Company will obtain prior consent from the User in an appropriate manner.

  • To provide Company’s Service, products, and related after-sales services (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Company’s Services").
  • To manage and operate Company’s Services.
  • To improve and enhance Company’s Services or develop new services or products.
  • To provide information on such as new features, updates, campaigns of the Company's Services and other services provided by Company (including sending e-mail and other direct mailings).
  • To contact you as necessary for maintenance, important notices, etc. related to Company’s Services.
  • To respond to opinions, inquiries, etc. from User regarding Company’s Services (including to confirm the identity of the User).
  • To request cooperation for questionnaires, monitoring, or interviews related to the Company's Services, or to send information on various events, or to implement such requests.
  • To research and analyze the usage history of Company’s Services, and use the results to improve and enhance Company’s Services, or to develop new services, products, etc.
  • To identify User who has violated the Terms of Use or who are attempting to use Company’s Services for unauthorized or improper purposes, and to refuse their use of Company’s Services.
  • To protect the rights and interests of the Company or third parties by preventing, investigating, and identifying activities that may be illegal or fraudulent.
  • For matters incidental and related to each of the preceding items.

3. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties in Foreign Countries

Company may provide User’s Personal Data to a third party in a foreign country stated in the Article 4 or in any of the following cases.

  • When the User has given prior consent to allow the provision of his/her Personal Data to a third party located in a foreign country.
  • When Personal Data is provided to a third party in a foreign country that has implemented, in an appropriate and reasonable manner, measures for the handling of Personal Data in accordance with the intent of the provisions of Chapter IV, Section 1 of the Personal Information Protection Law and has secured such implementation with Company.
  • When permitted by law

4. Provision of Personal Data to Company’s Subsidiaries in Foreign Countries

For the purpose of improving and enhancing the contents of Company’s Services, researching and developing new services and products, and conducting advertising and marketing activities for Company’s Services, Company may provide Personal Data specified in 1. below to third parties located in foreign countries as specified in 2. below.

  • Personal data to be acquired
    Portrait of the User taken with the User's consent
  • Foreign third parties to whom personal data is provided
    WonderLab (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Kingdom of Cambodia)
  • Third parties specified in 2. above (hereinafter referred to as "Company’s Foreign Subsidiary") shall not disclose or notify the purpose of use of Personal Information but take the same level of Personal Information protection measures as those required of business operators handling Personal Information in Japan.
  • Please refer to the following for the systems regarding the protection of Personal Information in the countries where Company’s Foreign Subsidiary is located.
    Investigation of the system concerning the protection of personal information in the Kingdom of Cambodia on the website of the Personal Information Protection Commission:

5. Management of Personal Information

Personal Information will be managed appropriately and carefully to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of Personal Information, and necessary and appropriate security control measures will be implemented.

6. Use of Cookies

Company's Services and Company's website (hereinafter referred to as "the Company's Website") may use cookies, web beacons, UIDs, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Cookies"). Through Cookies, Company may receive information on User’s access to Company's Website, information on browsing of Company's Services, and information on the terminal used by User for Company's Website (including information on terminal type, OS version, etc.). Such information received through Cookies does not contain any information that alone can identify or specify the User.
User can set whether or not to allow the use of Cookies (However, if the use of Cookies is prohibited, User may not be able to use Company's Website properly.) If User do not wish to allow the use of Cookies, please change the settings of User’s browser.

In addition, Company may use access analysis tools that utilize Cookies ("Access Analysis Tools"). Through Access Analysis Tools, Company may collect information on User’s access to Company's Website, browsing information on Company's Website, and information on the devices used by User to access the Company's Website (including device type, OS version, etc.).
As mentioned above, such information does not contain any information that alone can identify or specify the User.
Company may use Access Analysis Tools to understand how User uses Company’s Website in order to improve and develop Company’s Website, and to deliver advertisements tailored to User’s interests, etc.
If you wish to stop the collection of information using Access Analysis Tools, or check the privacy policy of each Access Analysis Tools, please refer to the following:

  • Google Analytics/Google Search Console/Google Tag Manager Privacy Policy
    Provided by: Google LLC
    *Google Analytics Opt-Out:
  • PTengine Privacy Policy
    Provided by: Ptmind Inc.

The following third-party service providers distribute advertisements based on the User's interests and predictions based on information such as browsing information on Company’s Website. As mentioned above, such information does not contain any information that can be used alone to identify or specify the User. If User wishes to confirm the privacy policy, of each third-party service provider, or if you wish to stop the delivery of advertisements from each third-party service provider, please refer to the following:

  • Google LLC
    *Block specific advertisements
  • Yahoo Japan Corporation
    *Enable/Disable Yahoo Behavioral Targeting Ads
  • Meta Platforms, Inc.
    Facebook: Please refer to "How can you control your Information?"
    Instgram: Please refer to "How can you control cookies?"
  • Twitter, Inc.

7. Disclosure of Personal Data

When Company receives a request from the User to disclose Personal Data held by Company, Company will disclose such Personal Data to the User without delay. However, if disclosure would result in any of the following cases, Company may decide not to disclose all or part of such Personal Data, and if Company may decide not to disclose such Personal Data, Company will notify the User to that effect without delay. Please note that Company may charge a fee for the disclosure of Personal Data.

  • When there is a risk of harm to the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of User or a third party
  • If there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper conduct of our business
  • Other cases that would violate laws and regulations

8. Correction, Addition, Deletion, Suspension of Use, Elimination, and Suspension of Provision to Third Parties of Personal Data

With respect to the Personal Data of User held by Company, Company shall make corrections, additions, deletions, suspension of use, elimination, and suspension of provision to third parties (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Corrections") by User, Company will conduct the necessary investigation without delay and correct Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of the law. If the contents of the request are found to be unreasonable, Company will not be able to comply with the request.

9. Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised in order to take more appropriate measures, except as otherwise provided by law. The revised Privacy Policy shall become effective when it is notified to User or posted on Company's Website in a manner prescribed by Company.

10. Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

11. Date of Implementation and Revision

Implemented on 12th March 2016
Revised on 6th August 2018
Revised on 12th February 2020
Revised on 12th January 2021
Revised on 31st March 2022
Revised on 14th December 2022


Wonderfy Inc. ("公司”) 根据本Wonderfy隐私政策("隐私政策”) 处理从公司开发和管理的服务("公司服务”) 的所有用户("用户”) 处收到的信息,包括个人信息。

1. 个人信息

在本隐私政策中,"个人信息 "是指根据日本的《个人信息保护法》(2003年第57号法案,以下简称《个人信息保护法》)属于个人信息的信息,是指可以通过姓名、出生日期或其他描述识别特定个人,或包含个人识别码的在世个人的信息。
在本隐私政策中,"个人数据 "是指构成《个人信息保护法》中定义的个人信息数据库的个人信息。

2. 使用个人信息的目的


  • 提供公司的服务、产品和相关的售后服务(以下统称为 "公司的服务")。
  • 管理和运营公司的服务。
  • 改进和提高公司的服务或开发新的服务或产品。
  • 提供有关公司服务和公司提供的其他服务的新功能、更新、活动的信息(包括发送电子邮件和其他直接邮件)。
  • 在必要时与您联系,进行与公司服务相关的维护、重要通知等。
  • 对用户关于公司服务的意见、询问等作出回应(包括确认用户的身份)。
  • 要求合作进行与本公司服务有关的问卷调查、监测或采访,或发送各种事件的信息,或执行这些要求。
  • 研究和分析公司服务的使用历史,并利用这些结果来改进和提高公司的服务,或开发新的服务和产品等。
  • 识别违反使用条款的用户或试图为未经授权或不正当目的使用公司服务的用户,并拒绝其使用公司的服务。
  • 通过防止、调查和识别可能是非法或欺诈的活动来保护公司或第三方的权利和利益。
  • 用于前述各项的附带和相关的事项。

3. 向国外的第三方提供个人数据


  • 当用户事先同意允许向位于外国的第三方提供其个人资料。
  • 当个人资料被提供给位于外国的第三方时,该第三方已按照《个人信息保护法》第四章第一节的规定,以适当和合理的方式实施了处理个人资料的措施,并与本公司取得了这种实施的权利。
  • 在法律允许的情况下。

4. 向本公司在国外的子公司提供个人数据


  • 将要获取的个人资料
  • 向其提供个人资料的外国第三方
    WonderLab (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.  (柬埔寨王国)
  • 上述2.中规定的第三方(以下简称 "公司的外国子公司")不得披露或通知个人信息的使用目的,但要采取与在日本处理个人信息的企业经营者所要求的相同水平的个人信息保护措施。
  • 关于公司外国子公司所在国家的个人信息保护制度,请参考以下内容。

5. 个人信息的管理


6. Cookies的使用

公司的服务和公司的网站(以下简称 "公司的网站")可以使用cookies,网络信标,UID等(以下简称 "Cookies")。通过Cookies,公司可能会收到用户访问公司网站的信息,浏览公司服务的信息,以及用户使用公司网站的终端信息(包括终端类型、操作系统版本等信息)。通过Cookies收到的此类信息不包含任何可以单独识别或指定用户的信息。

此外,公司还使用cookies和其他访问分析工具("访问分析工具")。 通过访问分析工具,公司收集用户访问公司网站的信息、浏览公司网站的信息、用户使用公司网站的设备信息(包括设备类型、操作系统版本等),以及用户使用公司网站的信息。 公司收到以下信息。 如上所述,这些信息也不包含能够单独识别和指定用户的信息。

公司使用访问分析工具,通过了解用户如何使用公司的网站等来改进和发展公司的网站,并根据用户的兴趣来发布广告。 如果你想停止使用访问分析工具收集信息,或检查每个访问分析工具的隐私政策等,请查看以下内容。

  • 谷歌分析/谷歌搜索控制台/谷歌标签管理器隐私政策
  • PTengine的隐私政策

以下第三方分销商根据我们网站上的浏览信息等信息发布广告,以预测用户的兴趣。 如上所述,这些信息也不包含能够单独识别和指定用户的信息。 如果您想确认各第三方分销商的隐私政策等,或停止各第三方分销商的广告发布,请查看以下内容。

  • 谷歌有限责任公司
  • 雅虎日本公司
  • Meta Platforms, Inc.
    Facebook 请参考以下网址的 "用户如何管理自己的信息"。 (
    Instgram 见 "用户如何管理自己的信息",网址如下
  • Twitter, Inc.

7. 个人资料的披露


  • 有可能对用户或第三方的生命、身体、财产或其他权利或利益造成损害时
  • 有可能严重妨碍本公司业务的正常开展时
  • 其他会违反法律法规的情况

8. 更正、增加、删除、暂停使用、消除和暂停向第三方提供个人数据

对于本公司持有的用户的个人资料,本公司对用户进行更正、增加、删除、暂停使用、消除、暂停向第三方提供(以下统称为 "更正"),本公司将立即进行必要的调查,并根据法律规定更正个人资料。如果发现要求的内容不合理,公司将不能满足该要求。

9. 对隐私政策的修改


10. 联系我们


11. 实施日,改订日

2016年3月12日 实施
2018年8月6日 改订
2020年2月12日 改订
2021年1月13日 改订
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