School Edition

An innovative learning platform created for schools
to be used in the modern classroom or for hybrid learning environments.

Target age: 4-10
Intuitive Design
Little explanation needed, content is easily understood by students.
Personalized Learning
Difficulty is automatically adapted to the students level based on their performance.
Engaging For All
Think!Think! is designed for kids regardless of their aptitude, gender, and background.
Critical Thinking Skills Non-cognitive skills STEAM

An Educator's Best Companion

100+ Interactive content
to choose from!

Wide Variety of Content

Think!Think! includes puzzles that cultivate critical thinking, including but not limited to:
Trial and Error, Spatial Awareness, Shape Comprehension, Logical Thinking, and Numerical Processing.

Management Dashboard

Real-time Tracking

Teachers can track students’ learning progress and provide real-time feedback.

Visualized Performance

Performance is recorded, organized, and displayed on the dashboard.

Flexible Usage

Have full control over what content to use in the classroom and what content to assign as homework.

Complementary to
the school curriculum

STEAM Knowledge Foundation

Children will learn in an educational, enjoyable, and interactive way.

Reinforced Learning

Unique, interactive content designed specifically to complement and work with your school curriculum to reinforce what has been taught in the classroom.

Level specific

Our education experts have carefully designed each puzzle based on essential skills that vary on children's individual levels.

How It Works

Sign up for the demo

  • Fill out your information to sign up for the demo
  • Participate in a short demo
  • Receive instructions and login ID via email

Entering the World of Wonder

  • Download Think!Think! School Edition
  • Create your own classroom and course plan at your pace
  • Select and assign specific content based on focused skills

Monitor and Adjust

  • Log in to see the dashboard highlighting children’s progress
  • Track individual's performance, identify strengths and areas of growth
  • Adjust contents based on student performances

Reap the Rewards

  • Improvement in academic performance
  • Enhanced motivation and noncognitive skills
  • Increased interest in STEAM-related subjects

Proven effectiveness

A joint research experimental trial was conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) and Keio University. The findings found that children who used Think!Think! during the three month trial period improved significantly on their math and IQ test scores compared with the control group which did not use Think!Think!

Academic Performance


(Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study)



IQ test (Tanaka B) in Cambodia

Noncognitive Skills

Positive impact on


Think!Think! Proof Of Concept - Cambodia Trial

Target audience: 1636 students (elementary first through fourth graders). Trial period: three months (followed by an eight-month extension survey to compare the Think!Think! experiment and control groups)

Professor of the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University

Professor of the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University External evaluation carried out by Professor Makiko Nakamuro (author of “The Economics of Academic Ability”)

Teachers Love Us!

Think!Think! does a great job developing children’s spatial awareness.

Private school teacher (California, United States)

Think!Think! is a very good first step for learning programming.

Public preschool teacher (New Jersey, United States)

Students get to figure out the rules, and comprehend tasks on their own.

Public school teacher of special needs (Texas, United States)


Is it possible to put a limit on the number of plays? If so, how do I do it?

Yes! You can manage the number of plays using the management dashboard:

1) Set the number of plays and time duration in [Management Menu: Homework Mode]
2) Turn on [Homework Mode] in [Management Menu: Classroom Management]

I'd like to know the appropriate stage (difficulty level) for each school grade.

There are 3-4 stages (difficulty levels) available for each problem. On the management dashboard, we have a detailed table explaining the difficulty levels. The table can serve as a guide, and you can adjust the difficulty level as appropriate following your students' growth.

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